Special Projects

When The RITA Foundation receives special donations from individuals or groups, we keep these funds separate from our events proceeds and look for unique projects that will both be beneficial to the community and recognize the donor(s).

Here are some examples of our Special Projects:

  • 2022 saw both the MixedRITA and SenioRITAs committees finish their funding commitment of $ 50,000 each toward the Baptist Health / Channel 12 Buddy Bus Mobile Mammography unit. Additionally, the SenioRITAs committee finalized a program utilizing several RITA endowments to provide ongoing funding for the DigniCap program at Baptist MD Anderson Infusion Center. Funds were also added to the MixedRITA Endowments funding the Life Wellness Center at MD Anderson.
  • The RITA Foundation continues to fund In the Pink at the beaches providing funds to purchase compression garments for women with lymphedema. We also continue to support Pink Sisters with their cancer library at Mayo Clinic.
  • In 2006, memorial funds were received to honor Mary Caryl Knight. 41 – 7” portable DVD players were purchased for distribution to the chemotherapy unit, kidney dialysis unit, and congestive heart unit at Baptist Medical Center. Each DVD player displayed a commemorative plaque.
  • Six iPODS were purchased from memorial funds for Maurice Lewis and donated to the chemotherapy unit at the Mayo Clinic.
  • In 2007, two special needs bicycles have been purchased through donations from Kathy and Mike Azzarello, in memory of Albert Delehanty, and from Marie and Kent Smith. These bikes will be donated to Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital Rehabilitation program.
  •  Kodak digital camera, printing dock, and picture paper were donated to Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital from The RITA Foundation.
  • 67 combination DVD / VCR players have been purchased through a donation from Marie and Kent Smith. These will be donated to Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital.
  • Baptist Health’s Buddy Bus receives a $100,000 grant from SenioRITAs at Sawgrass and MixedRITA events.